Past Utah district administrator Greg Graves sues commissioners for issuing sexual harassment get
By Katie Britain every day Herald – | Jun 13, 2019
Former Utah County administrator Greg Graves is definitely suing his own past other commissioners for claimed damages sticking with their particular release of forms, like a sexual harassment maintain and a consequent investigative state against Graves.
Through the suit, recorded Tuesday in Utaha€™s 4th section trial, Gravesa€™ shows the erotic harassment claims happened to be bogus, and requests cure, including a€?an award of monetary damage is demonstrated at trial and even non-economic damage and judge fees.a€? The records from defendants bring lead to problem finding important employment for Graves, the problem says, and now have hurt their connections together with his spouse and children.
The suit details both Commissioners Nathan Ivie and payment Lee inside claim, every one of whom was used regarding fee with Graves and are also nevertheless to the charge. Graves statements within the criticism that Ivie and Lee harbored malice toward him since they have a lot of political arguments and so they a€?did in contrast to the plaintiff.a€?
The claim additionally details women Utah region staff member that submitted the sexual harassment claim against Graves. Simple fact is that frequently Heralda€™s editorial rules to not term declared patients of sexual harassment or misuse.
The problem claims that Ivie and Lee knew or will need to have regarded the accusations of erotic harassment comprise untrue, which the staff that registered the harassment grievance performed therefore for a€?malicious and inappropriate use, such as not restricted to retaliation, leverage to prevent cancellation, and/or influence to force a settlement with Utah state when this tart am finished from this lady tasks.a€? […]